2023 Global Day of Action: Reclaiming people power for sustainable alternatives to the ‘war on drugs’

We are so grateful to the thousands of people around the world who made the 2023 #SupportDontPunish Global Day of Action a success.

Our powerful and growing movement took to the streets, social networks, parliaments and many more to bring our collective message to life in at least 294 cities of 94 countries —an incredible feat that we should all be proud of!

For a blog reflecting on the campaign’s successes, pending challenges and ways forward, please visit our website.

While we know many of you are still organising activities, we need your support to collate feedback about the Day of Action that allow us to:

💡 Share your reflections on experiences and impact;
🤝 Identify new ways in which we can contribute to your success; and;
📰 Share your fantastic stories with the growing Support. Don’t Punish movement worldwide & funders.

The form is short and available online.

This form is also available to download in Word version

As usual, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to  write to us or drop us a line on Slack.


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