Webinar: Countdown to the 2020 Global Day of Action – #SupportDontPunish

Last Thursday, 21 May, the Support. Don't Punish campaign held a pep rally / brainstorming / Q&A session in view of the 2020 Global Day of Action.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and counterproductive government responses to it, are pushing communities affected by the “war on drugs” further into vulnerability.

Mobilising with and in favour of affected communities to seek urgent relief as well as long-term drug policy reform is more important than ever.

On Thursday, 21 May, the campaign organised an informal conversation on the campaign’s modus operandi, different avenues to take action and show support on the 2020 Global Day of Action (26 June) and key priorities to keep in mind under the current COVID-19 crisis.

An incredibly powerful brainstorming session followed, focused on the issue of solidarity and coalition-building (‘Leaving no one behind!’). Participants were invited to suggest which movements and populations in situations of vulnerability could benefit from Support. Don’t Punish campaigners’ solidarity, support and advocacy. The result of that exchange is this incredibly useful list of suggestions that we will continue to highlight in preparation for the Global Day of Action and beyond. The suggestions included: employers, families, trade unions, law enforcement operators, migrants (especially undocumented), partners of people who use drugs (particularly women), people in prisons, people involved in drug supply, people living in poverty, people living with HIV, people underserved by drug-checking services, people with disabilities, people with limited access to drinking water, religious leaders, scientific researchers, street-based people who use drugs.

The webinar is available in full below:


As always, you can send questions to [email protected].