Kathmandu, Nepal 2020

We All Are Human First

Kathmandu, Nepal 2020

Leading Organization: Youth Rise Nepal

Supporting Organization: Recovering Nepal

Support Don’t Punish Campaign Activity will be held in different areas of Kathmandu projecting a COVID-19 prevention video and action done by Support Don’t Punish Campaign joining hands with other campaigners in Nepal and with the presence of a focal person from different Networks like Recovering Nepal (National Network of People who use Drugs in Nepal), National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS (National Network of People living with HIV and AIDS). As the nation is fully locked down from March 2020 to the present and may continue further as there is a rising number of positive cases in Nepal. As such, the team has decided to do video projection with the COVID 19 prevention video following with the Support Don’t Punish Campaigns Video and messages about harm reduction programs maintaining physical distance in the event. The program is designed for the whole day and will be assisted and supported by Recovering Nepal itself.

Monitoring will be done to support, assist, and coordinate with Partnership Forum via different communication tools and maintain professional relationships to work effectively for the project implementation. The event will be created and developed by the team and shared on Facebook and Instagram through various floors and on the page of Recovering Nepal (National Network of People who use drugs) as well as through a personal invitation which will be sent to the stakeholders via email. Stakeholders will be marked with the help of Recovering Nepal and a series of formal and informal meetings will be held with other campaigners in Nepal maintaining close consultation. The program aiming to do video projection enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the Support Don’t Punish will be solely implemented by Youth Rise Nepal which describes young people who use drugs, priorities and the differences Youth Rise Nepal want to make in the community.