Accra, Ghana 2020

Mask Up In Solidarity: Support Don’t Punish

Accra, Ghana 2020

Leading organisation: Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Ghana

Supporting organisations: Zongo Youth Movement, Happy Smiles Foundation

Contact: [email protected]

The activities will focus on reaching out in solidarity, with care during this pandemic to vulnerable groups, young people and marginalized communities experiencing stigma, criminalization, social and economic exclusion owing to drug use and its associated matters.

The team as part of our aims, will engage the people on the precautionary facts surrounding drugs and COVID-19 and the need for safer use of drugs during this pandemic.

We will as well, seize the opportunity to raise awareness on the recent occurrences of COVID-19 stigmatization in Ghana. The targeted communities within Ghana will be offered more education on the safety measures and preventive protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as the need to show support in these challenging times for vulnerable groups and communities.

The activities will be followed by the distribution of free SDP-branded nose masks, hand sanitizers and hand washing items.

If we are unable to reach out due to the COVID-19 curfew or lockdown, we will resort to social media, photo and video campaign and importantly, host a Facebook live and interactive session with drug policy advocacy experts and activists.