San José Province, San José, Costa Rica 2019

Foro: Drogas y Carcel

San José Province, San José, Costa Rica 2019

Leading Organisation: ACEID

Supporting Organisation:Partido Frente Amplio, la organización Estudiantes por una Política Sensata hacia las Drogas (EPSD) y el Colectivo Las de Afuera

A forum was held in the Legislative Assembly on Drugs and Prison, looking at proportionality of sentences and alternatives to imprisonment for people who use drugs. The main objective was to promote discussion and the draft Law 20322 to introduce proportionality for non-violent microtrafficking offenses, based on criteria of vulnerability of the people involved.

The university judge and professor Rosaura Chinchilla, Eduardo Solano Vice Minister of Security, Deputy Jose Maria Villalta, Ernesto Cortés Director of ACEID, Guillermo Arroyo, ILANUD consultant and a formerly incarcerated woman participated. The serious impact of drug policies on people and the prison system and the opportunity we have with the bill were discussed. About 50 people attended. There was an SDP booth where information was delivered, and photos were taken supporting the campaign.