Vancouver, BC, Canada 2020

CSSDP & Support. Don’t Punish 2020

Vancouver, BC, Canada 2020

Leading organisation: Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy – CSSDP

This year, CSSDP will be participating in the Global Day of Action to end the drug war with support from Support. Don’t Punish. and Stimulus: Drugs, Policy and Practice in Canada

Support Don’t Punish is a global advocacy campaign calling for drug policies based on health and human rights. For the month of June, CSSDP will be posting graphics and key messages from young people across the country with the hashtag #SupportDontPunish.

If you would like to contribute to our campaign, please feel free to reach out to us via DM or at [email protected]

Our campaign will continue throughout the month of June and will conclude with a webinar centring the voices of young people and those who work with young people who use drugs. Stay tuned for additional updates on our webinar!