Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico 2020

Between violence and stigma: Women who use drugs and compulsory treatment

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico 2020

Leading organisation: Equis – Justicia para las Mujeres

EQUIS is organising remote activities to focus on three thematic axes: Strengths and needs of women who use drugs;  compulsory treatment; gender-related violence and drug policy. Activities will hinge on:

Compilation of experiences: Throughout June, experiences of women who use drugs and/or have lived in treatment centres in Mexico will be compiled, including through video testimonies. These and written submissions will be used as points of departure for the conversations and the digital dissemination strategy in the form of infographics, videos and banners.

Dialogue via tweetchat involving EQUIS (as moderators) but also civil society organisations, peers, civil servants. These exchanges will be recorded to capture the key arguments.

Dissemination of the discussion: Based on the exchanges outlined above, graphics, writings and other dissemination materials will be the subject of a digital campaign to share arguments and testimonies. These will also be shared with treatment centres, the media and networks of people who use drugs.

Feedback and evaluation: Participants will receive the materials created and an evaluation session will be devised within the organisation to assess impact.