Advocacy for Adoption of Comprehensive Harm Reduction and de-criminalization in Adamawa State, 2020


Leading Organization: Drug Harm Reduction Advocacy Network Nigeria

Supporting organizations: Drug Free and Preventive Healthcare Organization, Jewel Youth Awareness Initiative, Global Health and Social Awareness Foundation, Autamaimasa Foundation/ Ayunuku Health and Education Centre, Concerned Youth for Development Initiatives, Smiles Africa International Youth Development Initiative, Health Action Support Initiative

The program was targeted at Institutional Stakeholders and the general public. The activity aimed at promoting support for Health and social inclusion of people who use drugs. The program was targeted at states that are seen as flashpoints for Human rights abuses, stigma, discrimination and denial of the issues of people who use drugs.
Stakeholders Targeted:
– State Agencies for the Control of AIDS (SACA)
– State Ministries of Health (SMoH)
– National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
– Department of State Security
– General Public

1. Discuss on the need to support differentiated services for People who use drugs (especially OST and NSP).
2. Draw attention to the Public Health Issues implicit in Drug Use
3. Solicit Support for commodities to communities of people who use drugs in the states.