Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil 2021

Support. Don’t Punish 2021 Global Day of Action

Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil 2021

Leading organisations: – Free School of Harm Reduction

Supporting organisations: National Movement of the Homeless Population, National Network of Feminist Antiprohibitionists (Renfa)

With this project we will seek to strengthen and expand the “First Steps” action designed by the Free School of Harm Reduction to reference the day of actions of the “Welcome, don’t punish!” campaign.

The intervention is an expansion in the care intervention with the homeless population served by the Coexistence Center of the Escola Livre de Redução de Danos. In this, we will be acquiring kits for the strengthening of economic and professional activities of these people, as a way of welcoming and motivating them to transform and stimulate their autonomy in the world of work. Consultations already carried out with the target audience point to some instruments/equipment (kits) that they would like to acquire to restart their productive activities, many of them related to the acquisition and sale of products (such as popcorn and mineral water, for example), or professional skills (such as manicure, haircut) and also recycling activities (collection and separation of recyclable material to be sold at recycling points).

30 kits will be offered to the public (10 kits referring to this project and another 20 kits financed by the RD Free School), whose selection will be based on criteria such as attendance at the Living Togetherness Center and gender parity. A training workshop will be held with those selected, and at the end of the training, a street intervention for the placement of posters, advocacy and dialogue with the passerby population of the commercial center of Recife, capital of the State of Pernambuco, Brazil. All activities will be carried out in conjunction with the National Movement of People Experiencing the Street, together with local leaderships.

As a contingency plan for Covid-19, all professionals of the Free School of Harm Reduction (board of directors, coordination, harm reduction agents, and volunteers) are vaccinated. The street population began to be vaccinated last May 27th, and we are in efforts to guarantee the vaccination of the people we serve. The meetings and face-to-face interventions will be carried out according to the protocols of social distancing, use of masks and other personal protective equipment, and recurrent hygiene with 70% alcohol, water, and soap.

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