Bujumbura, Burundi 2021

Journée d’action mondiale de Soutenez. Ne Punissez pas (2021)

Bujumbura, Burundi 2021

Lead organization: Burundian Prison Observatory

Participating organizations: Civil society, religious communities, parliamentarians as well as journalists

Every year on June 26, the Support. Don’t Punish campaign mobilizes in response to this violence and loss, to build sustainable alternatives that end the cycles of punishment and marginalization, and instead advance the health, human rights and well-being of our communities.

In this context, the Burundian Prison Observatory plans to organize an advocacy workshop on the above theme for representatives of civil society, opinion leaders and parliamentarians.

An exchange meeting with this group of individuals will be of great importance, because it will allow for a debate on the theme of the day because these leaders are the same ones who are at the forefront in defending the interests of the population. They will therefore be the spokespersons for the population at the local level.

The work of parliamentarians is to bring the voice of the people to their institution.

The recommendations made at this workshop will be carried forward by the parliamentarians. Parliamentarians will take the lead in influencing parliamentary work because all the tools will be at their disposal.

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