Day of Action 2018

City: Tashkent and Tashkent region
Organisations: outreach group for the Global Funds project

An initiative group of outreach workers working on Global Fund projects held a flash mob in support of the “Support. Don’t Punish” campaign in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Four cars with “Support. Don’t Punish” logos set off on a journey to the mountains at 12 pm. The flash mob involved not only Global Fund project staff, but also activists from key populations (co – dependent, dependent and PLHIV) – a total of 20 people. An awareness session on the “Support. Don’t Punish” campaign was held outdoors.

The participants discussed the further strategy of interaction between key communities and non-governmental organisations providing HIV prevention and treatment services. The result was a decision on close cooperation between these organisations. This common work should be mutually beneficial for non-governmental organisations and key populations. One of the main directions of joint activities is fighting against stigma and discrimination of drug users in the society. The self-help group for codependent people living with people who use drugs was also held after the campaign.



Day of Action 2017

In Tashkent, the organisation Ишонч ва Хает organised a gathering of people who use drugs, where participants shared their unique stories and struggles: family, domestic, police violence, health issues, etc. “The most important thing is to be understanding and supportive, because we are people! Drug policies should become more humane and anchored in health and human rights. It is the support from my relatives and close ones that helped me survive, to live, to love and feel a bit happier”, said Catherine. “After talking about it with doctors, you realise many are still in the dark”, said Nabira, from Nukus.


Day of Action 2015

The Eurasian Network of People Who Use Drugs organised a gathering in Tashkent.

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