Day of Action 2018

City: Chicago
Organisations: Drug Users Health Collective of Chicago, Chicago Recovery Alliance

The groups held a community building cookout, where information was provided about where services are offered and a discussion on Support, Don’t Punish.



Cities: Boston and Northampton

Organisations: New England Users Union, HRH413


  • Collectively, all six New England states had chapter representation at the State Capitol. We were able to cover transportation in various forms for over 20 members. We met at a member’s house and made signs supporting drug users rights and printed flyers citing violations of our basic human rights in this country, specifically Massachusetts. A group of us circulated these flyers inside the Statehouse while others stood outside shouting statistics about our failed Drug War while members lined up on the stairs leading to the main entrance. We were able to stay about 25 minutes before security threatened to call the police.
  • Across the street in the park, we had more members who were hosting the exhibit Safe Shape, a pop up mock SCS. Members of our local Boston NEUU chapter staged a die in around the exhibit in order to draw attention to the fact that our governor has yet to even consider SCS. This alone drew intense attention from the public bystanders and produced hours of incredible dialogue.
  • In Western Ma, our survival sexworker/injection drug user group organized a flash mob of sorts during the lunch break at a local courthouse where drug users and sex workers are constantly discriminated against by a particular judge. Each member held a sign up with the name of a person who had been unfairly sentanced because of a nonviolent drug offence. This event lasted about ten minutes and we quickly disbanded after our mission was finished due to fear of arrest.
  • Press releases were made and we did have media but asides from a small blurb in a local paper, not much was mentioned.



City: Greensboro, NC

Organisations: Urban Survivors Union

Urban Survivors Union aims to show a video that is focused on “Support. Don’t punish” and create some non permanent street art impressing on folks the importance of ending this war on people. Another chapter would like to re create the memorial designed to frame people as little pills with faces on them. Highlight how stigmatising and damaging messaging like this is for ending stigma. One chapter would like to have a flash die in in front of the courthouse. There will be webinar on the Day of action with speakers from each of our areas and a call to action. A time for members to then come together, inviting all allies to listen.


City: Las Vegas

Organisations: Vegas Chain Breakers

Organise as many people as possible starting with friends and family, and social media, to come together and meet in a public location, probably downtown at Fremont, and show support for the cause Support. Don’t Punish. Wearing a shirt with the logo, as well as hold signs.


City: Boston

Organisations: New England User’s Union

All of NEUU chapters plan to peacefully gather in front of our State Capitol and read the newly written Drug User’s Bill of Rights and collectively call out the Governor on the grievances about his abuse of drug using community. Pasing out information about what the day essentially means as well as information about what drug user organising means for the community. Most importantly, make surevoices are heard. The most important action of the day is a ‘Living Will and Testament ‘. Ask that anyone using drugs sign this document and declare that if they die of an overdose, no individual can be charged with their death. This is in response to Trump advocating that drug dealers be executed and the introduced homicide laws that are being introduced here in Massachusetts.


City: New York

Organisations: Families For Sensible Drug Policy

There will be a rally where campaigners will show support for drug policy reform and have their photo taken for the Interactive Photo Project.





Day of Action 2016

In New York, local NGOs collaborated with The Illuminator on a projection of short videos of people who use drugs – with words characterising them (doctor, advocate, poet, etc.) and then the word ‘criminal’ crossed out – on the walls of the Brooklyn Detention Centre on 23rd June, as well as an interactive project.

In Washington DC, SSDP organised an action and took photos in front of the White House and other landmark locations.

Other actions were also organised in San Francisco and Buffalo.

Video of the event in New York

USA day of action 2016

Media coverage


Day of Action 2015

In New York, Harm Reduction Coalition organised a flash mob in front of the United Nations Headquarters.

In Washington DC, SSDP and StoptheDrugWar.org organised a march from the State Department to the White House. And in San Francisco, the San Francisco Drug Users’ Union organised a gathering. SSDP hosted a small event in Denver.

Media Coverage


Day of Action 2014

The Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC), the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) New York office and partners organised a rally outside of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, with supporters chanting and displaying banners calling for an end to the war on drugs.

Media coverage: