Day of Action 2013

The “Support. Don’t Punish” Day of Action was celebrated by the HIV Alliance in Ukraine. For this occasion, more than 100 activists gathered at Mykhailivska Square (St. Michael’s Square) in Kiev and asked the government to reconsider the repressive drug policy in Ukraine and to increase funding for harm reduction services.

Michel Kazatchkine (former Executive Director of the Global Fund and current UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia) and former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski – both representatives of the Global Commission on Drug Policy – participated in the event.

Activists denounced Ukrainian drug laws, which criminalise and punish people in possession of very small quantities of drugs for personal consumption, while dangerous drug lords are given impunity. In support for their calls, they used symbolic objects, such as needles and white balloons and they held a press conference, offering numerous interviews.

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