Day of Action 2018

City: Dakar

Organisations: Association Sénégalaise pour la Réduction des Risques (ASRDR); West Africa Drug Policy Network (WADPN)

A day of mobilisation on the theme “Support the reform of national drug policy”. Advocacy workshop for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and civil society organisations.


Day of Action 2017

In Dakar, the Senegalese Association for Harm Reduction (ASRDR) organized a beach party at the Ngor pier, a well known spot for young people, PWUD and drug dealers. The objective was to engage as people young people as possible – a stall was set up for disseminating information about the SDP campaign messages. Flyers were handed out along with SDP T shirts and other media provided by campaign partners (OSIWA, WACSI, WADPN).

The ASRDR President opened the event that followed, discussing the role of stigmatisation, drug decriminalisation and legalisation in the road ahead. Regrettably, the event was poorly attended by Government officials and called on them to adopt a public health led approach.

It was a very well attended event, with over 270 signatures, featuring musical performances and question and answer sessions on pressing drug issues.

Read the full report in French here


Day of Action 2016

On 26th June, the RNSD (Réseau National des intervenants de la Société civile sur les Drogues) organised an advocacy workshop in Dakar, targeting civil society, to discuss advocacy strategies for HIV prevention, access to care and human rights protection for people who use drugs. For a full account of the event, please read the full report.


Day of Action 2014

Ahead of the Global Day of Action, the Association Sénégalaise pour la Réduction des Risques (ASRDR) organised an awareness-raising walk. More than 300 participants started from the Centre Socio Culturel de Grand Dakar, and followed a 7km route through the streets of Dakar. The procession was followed by speeches and a press briefing. On the 26th June, workers from ASRDR outreached to the community of people who use drugs in Dakar to talk about the campaign. For a full account of the action, please read the report of the event (in French).