Day of Action 2018

City: Freetown
Organisations: SSDP Sierra Leone, Global Youth Network, West Africa Drug Policy Network Sierra Leone Chapter, CEF-SL, Children Educational Forum, Sierra Leone Rastafarian Movement, Alliance Democratic Party, the New Direction Government, Institute for drug control and human security and Students for Sensible Drug Policy Sierra Leone

The Support Don’t Punish Global Day of Action 2018 activities in Sierra Leone encompassed media appearance, seminar, conferences and workshops for the very first time in the history of the country. The groups organised and brought together a range of people from different diversities to engage on honest and truthful conversation on drug related issues. On the conference, there were speeches from young people especially drug users, policy advocates, Minister of Youth Affairs, political representatives, Rastafarian, legal practitioners, public health and law enforcement officials and the religious representatives. In their individual speeches, speakers from all categories confirmed their total involvement, attention, commitment and support towards the Global Day of Action 2019 next year which they all believe will help reduce the harm on drugs. There was also a short but very educative skit from young people on prioritising and portraying the importance of policy change, public health and human rights and harm reduction.

Gathering of stakeholders, followed by site visitations with these stakeholders in order to raise awareness and decrease stigma, then host a public youth debate between university and high school students on policy issues, after there will be time for the media to come to discussion sessions and they will be filmed.


Day of Action 2016

The West Africa Drug Policy Network Sierra Leone Chapter orgainised a float parade in Freetown to call on the government to review the current drug policy of the country.

Addressing over 150 participants including drug users and sex workers from various part of Freetown, the event called on the government to support the best practices the world is implementing to target the supply chain while ending the criminalisation of people who use drugs.

The event included the distribution of condoms and free HIV testing.

Media coverage


Day of Action 2015

FDID planned several activities in Freetown, including radio talk shows and a float parade.