Day of Action 2018

City: Singapore

Organisations: Awaken Resistance | Singapore Non-profit Drug-based Collective Movement

There will be a closed event, of a friendly dance competition, the dance competition will take only 10 local groups to take part for the competition. The event will posted regular through the Facebook event page and a special designed blog page of “Support, don’t punish” Feat #AlternativeTreatment, where readers could receives all the follow up updates of the program. Also promote people to take part in online interactive games to keep track on the post for the upcoming event, where readers that need to provide the answer related to our post, by giving the support don’t punish tote bag as part of their winning prices. The objective for conducting local dance competition are to further encourage more people especially among Singapore youth to attend and take part on the upcoming 26th June 2018 “Support, don’t punish” campaign movement. Along with a photo-booth corner, where guest could take their photo and do ‘live’ 2018 “Support, don’t punish”  shout-out.