Day of Action 2018

City: Novi Sad, Belgrade

Organisations: NGO ReGeneration and Udruženje „Prevent“


This year’s campaign NGO Prevent from Novi Sad, Serbia, started on June 11th by publishing a contest for the best short video on the topic “Support, Don’t Punish”. The idea is that a video needed to send a message that is consistent with key campaign messages. The best video has been awarded money prize.

The next step was the beginning of promoting infographics on social networks Facebook and Instagram Important data for use in the infographics were previously extracted and graphic designer was engaged to prepare layouts. The advantage of the infographics is that they are much more compact and easier to read than the text itself. People like this way of displaying data and this is the reason why this method is chosen. The first of a total of 5 infographics was promoted on June 18th.

On June 21st, Prevent begun to promote previously created Facebook profile picture frame, with the logo and campaign message. Those who set up this frame for 7 days, received symbolic gifts from the Prevent Association (game similar to “Don’t get angry, man” created by the Prevent members, which indicates dangers of using psychoactive substances).

On June 21st, the press release was sent about the action of the Prevent Association in Novi Sad, within the global campaign. On the same day, the news was posted on the Prevent site and Facebook ads were paid for better promotion of the event. The result was a good response from the media.

The action lasted from 17:00 to 20:00 on 26 June at the city beach “Štrand”. The “Selfie” photo cabin has succeeded in attracting a fairly large number of people, who also had the opportunity to be informed by members of the Association to Prevent and get promotional educational material.

On 26 July, the NGO ReGeneration, in cooperation with the Belgrade night club Drugstore, organised an event as part of the campaign. The event, starting at 8 PM, was held in the Drugstore night club in Belgrade; the stand placed in the lobby displayed new informative material on the most common psychoactive substances and acute health issues the consumption there of could result in. A large poster of the campaign, in front of which visitors could be photographed by members of ReGeneration’s with the Support. Don’t Punish logo as an act of support, was also placed in the lobby. Those who wished to could complete a short questionnaire regarding the usage of (new) psychoactive.

The visitors could then enter the main club area, where our guest Marko Milosavljević was the DJ support. To the backdrop of Marko’s music, the rest of the event passed in informal socialisation and discussion. In casual conversation, the guests and visitors from various countries and of various educational profiles – anthropologists, healthcare professionals, psychologists, artist, etc. – touched upon many issues regarding the consumption of PAS and NPAS among the youth not just in Serbia and the region but globally as well, such as legislature, public policy, harm reduction strategies and public and media discourse on (N)PAS consumption. ReGeneration is determined to continue the tradition of organising different events on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with the goal of raising awareness and informing the general public.

Support Don’t Punish objectives were also promoted on the Pride Parade in Belgrade, by the Re Generation and YODA members. As Pride Parade had the topic of HIV prevention, we though it is important to support members of other vulnerable populations in fight against discrimination and stigmatization of all of us.

Before and after the event NGO Re Generation representatives were also present in media presented the goals of the Support Don’t Punish Global campaign to general public in addition to campaign that was recent initiated, as an answer to death of three young persons, related to the use of psychoactive substances, that inspired Re Generation to even more and bit aggressive advocate for the harm reduction programs in the recreational settings. #DAZNAMŠTARADIM is the campaign aiming to support and push for the implementation of nightlife outreach programs as a necessity.


Day of Action 2017

Association Prevent held the Global Day of Action for third time in Novi Sad and for the first time in Kragujevac. In Novi Sad, the target group were students and in Kragujevac, visitors of the music festival Arsenal. On 26th June, an action was held in front of the student’s dormitory in Novi Sad. A photo booth was particularly popular and spread the campaign logo and messages. In Kragujevac, members of Prevent talked to festival visitors about campaign issues and photographed them with the Support Don’t Punish logo.

In Belgrade, Re Generation organised a Support Don’t Punish film screening. During the event, three films produced by Re Generation and the Rights Reporter Foundation were presented: “Without shift”, “Clubbing and youth health” and “Medical cannabis legalisation in Serbia”. After the screening, a lively multidisciplinary discussion followed, with a wide range of professions in attendance. Throughout the discussion, many questions were raised, such as media attention to psychoactive substances in the region, laws, politics and general discourse about psychoactive substances. In the future, ReGeneration will continue to inform youth and to raise awareness about psychoactive substances, with the particular focus on “designer drugs” and harm reduction.


Day of Action 2015

Re-Generation and XperimenT hosted a “matinee” under the banner of Support. Don’t Punish and Room for Change in Belgrade. A film screening of “At the crossroads” took place at KPTM at 19:00. Another gathering was organised by Association Prevent in Novi Sad where volunteers took photos for the campaign with passers-by and local celebrities.

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