Day of Action 2016

In Porto, APDES (Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento) held a public demonstration in front of Porto Council, a metro station and media offices on the 27th June.

CASO joined the event in Porto too by organising an action to clean up the Bairro do Aleixo from injecting equipment. The action aimed to raise awareness of the need to adopt better policies for people who inject drugs, in particular the necessity to open safe injection rooms. An event was then held in Associação Contrabando, during which a number of people received an award for their contribution to questioning the prohibitionist drug policy approach, and the need for a human rights and public health-centred approach. On 27th June, CASO launched an online campaign entitled ‘What if there were a drug consumption room…’, calling on such facilities to be established in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.

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Day of Action 2015

Working in collaboration with the Portuguese Drug Users Union “CASO”, APDES organised a public event in Porto. Nine teams of citizens, both users and professionals, visited public institutions that have a symbolic and effective power in the life of people using drugs. They invited the main stakeholders of hospitals, courthouse, rehab centres and political parties to join them in both campaigns “Support Don´t Punish” and “Room for Change”. At the end of the morning the all group formally delivered a statement to the Porto’s Mayor at the city council.