Day of Action 2018

City: San Juan
Organisations: Glenda Davila, Nobel Hernandez, Iniciativa Comunitaria

The activity was one that provoked reflection. During the month there was a dialogue with the participants of the Punto Fijo project (Project of Exchange of Syringes in San Juan PR) to see if they were interested in participating in a campaign where they were the face. The purpose of it was to work with the beauty of the human being. Breaking with stereotypes (discrimination) towards people who use drugs. Five participants accepted the challenge and a selection of photos was made. Individually, each participant had a dialogue with the photographers and project staff where the subject of each photo was identified. So each photo invited people to reflect on such objective things as the lack of services to subliminal issues such as the right to be happy. While the photos were being made, a video was made where the participants talk about Support. Don’t Punish. The photos were exhibited in one of the largest centres in Puerto Rico, Plaza las Américas. The viewing lasted 4 days.


City: Fajardo
Organisations: Intercambios Puerto Rico, Preveen, La Perla del Gran Precio, Salud y Acupuntura para el Pueblo, Clínica Legal de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico y Concilio de Salud de Integral de Loíza

On the Global Day of Action there was a service fair where HIV and STI tests, acupuncture, hair cuts, showers, legal counselling and opiates substitution treatments were given to all those who participated in the activity. There was also a photographic exhibition carried out by participants of the program in which they documented through photos what they have to live on a daily basis due to the war on drugs.


Day of Action 2017

Iniciativa Comunitaria organised an information stand in the Placita de Santurce, a busy central area in San Juan. As the organisation members engaged the public, artist Adriel López worked on painting a canvas meant to represent the campaign’s ethos, putting people’s dignity to the fore.

Media Coverage: Noticel, 3 July 2017: Abogan por eliminar políticas punitivas contra adictos


Day of Action 2016

Intercambios Puerto Rico and Iniciativa Comunitaria conducted video interviews to educate the community on the need for drug policy reform in different towns.

An educative exhibition was also organised to raise awareness of the effectiveness of safe injection rooms. The exhibition took place from 22nd and 24th June in the Plaza de las Americas of San Juan, the biggest and most visited shopping centre in the city. About 150 people received a guided tour of the exhibition that showed them the different stages of care and support received by people who inject drugs in a safe injection room. For more information, please click here.

Video by Intercambios Puerto Rico released at the occasion of the Day of Action

PR day of action 2016

Media coverage


Day of Action 2014

Iniciativa Comunitaria, Inc. (ICI) organised an action in Milla de Oro, where 13 people who use drugs were scattered across the city to sensitise the public on what it means to use drugs in their daily lives, and to talk to them about harm reduction. All 13 people then gathered to participate in a photo project. ICI also participated in a press conference to talk about the urgent need for drug policy reform.

Media coverage: