Day of Action 2018

City: Warsaw
Organisations: Polish Drug Policy Network, PREKURSOR Foundation


Theme to be the stations and railways because they were places of problematic consumption of drugs, especially by representatives of the marginalised groups. Fight harmful social stereotypes in this way. Ideas about information materials in the style of railway announcements, inform about a symbolic change in the direction of drug policy from punishing to supporting. Increase the reach of our campaign by engaging the founder of the most popular information channel on drugs on the Polish YouTube (60,000 subscribers, the name of the channel “Wiem co ćpiem”). Prepare a promotional video for Day of Action, which will appear on YouTube two weeks before June 26 .On the Day of Action street survey will be done about Poles’ attitude towards drug users and harm reduction solutions.

Global Day of Action held at the biggest, annual, National Conference on drug use, drug treatment and drug policies. The conference gathers ministerial representatives, local government agencies, local authorities, professionals working in related fields, health and service providers, civil society organisations, law enforcement and academia. Support Don’t Punish campaign will be introduced and discussed with participants.


Day of Action 2016

In Warsaw, the Polish Drug Policy Network (PDPN) held a stand near Saint Dominic Church on 26th June to raise awareness on harm reduction, human rights and drug policy reform. A quiz was also organised to open a debate on drug policy in Poland.


Day of Action 2014

The OSF Global Drug Policy Program and the Polish Drug Policy Network worked together with the major Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” on a series of features and awareness-raising articles entitled “My, narkopolacy”.

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