Day of Action 2018

City: Pasig City
Akei, Babaita, Global Marijuana March Philippines, 420 Philippines

The group wore white shirts with the SDP logo on them and the opening of the program was a conference on decriminalisation as a viable solution to the backlash of the ongoing war on drugs. It was followed by a performance art piece depicting the current status of the Philippines under the currently intensified war on drugs. The SDP photo wall was also up for participants to take photos of and as a show of solidarity.


City: Quezon City

Organisations: NoBox Philippines

A night where guests can voice out their unpopular opinions and shed some light on certain niche topics while discussing unexplored waters of current issues to show appreciation for opinions that are grounded on evidence, albeit unpopular.


City: Manila

Organisations: Akei Drug Policy Program

A conference with the theme of decriminalization in the country. A cross-section of participants will be coming from human rights org, public lawyer groups, and drug policy reformers. This gathering will result in a report for local advocates to use. Additionally there will be a performance festival which will showcase theatre groups and artists touched by killings.


Day of Action 2017

In Manila, an event was organized with a stand-up comic from Comedy Cartel and one of the performers during HAHAHarm Reduction. The event, held on 1st July, was a mix of science and stand-up comedy that critically discussed harm reduction and the war on drugs. This event was NoBox Philippines’ participation in the annual Support. Don’t Punish. Global Day of Action calling for drug policies that promote health and human rights.





Day of Action 2016

In Quezon City on 26th June, the NoBox Transitions Foundation brought together musicians, poets, and people with stories to share for a night of celebration and an honest conversation about drugs.

Through spoken word poetry, they raised the voices of people who’ve experienced drugs and drug policy, lifting the veil of stigma, and creating a space where everyone can freely express themselves without fear and judgment.


Day of Action 2015

On 26th June, a group of NGOs gathered in Taguig City, Metro Manila to discuss the state of cannabis in the Philippines and other issues. On the same day, NoBox Transitions launched the #FireflyInitiative social campaign under the banner of Support. Don’t Punish to ask people in what simple ways they could support the campaign, and to cultivate a culture where support for our fellow people is second nature. This was followed up with a day of activities on 27th June to celebrate a day of support, hope, and human potential.