Day of Action 2013

In Nepal, the Support. Don’t Punish Day of Action took place in two different cities, Pokhara and Kathmandu. It was organised by Youth Rise Nepal in collaboration with the other 20 organisations, including Save the Nepal Foundation, the National Users Network of Nepal and Manish Care Foundation.

The demonstration gathered around 200 people in Kathmandu in two main locations: at the Basanta Pur Palace Square, which is one of the busiest areas near the District police office Kathmandu, and at Laltipur (Jawlakhel) where most of the UN agencies and organisations are located.

Representatives of government agencies, the Ministry of Home affairs, UN agencies, the police, community leaders and most of the national media were present in Kathmandu.

In Pokhara around 150 people joined the demonstration, which consisted in a rally in Chiple Dhunga (the most busy market area), starting and ending in the Pokhara cityhall. In Pokhara, representatives from the district police office, the district administration office, local and national medias, the general public, students and representatives of community service centres were present. The campaign statement translated in Nepali was read and submitted to the district administration office.

The demonstration took place on the same day as the official celebration of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Lalitpur.

Lead organisation:

  • Gateway foundation nepal
  • Manish care foundation
  • Save the life nepal
  • Naulo Ghumti nepal
  • Dristi nepal
  • Aavash samuha
  • Pariwartan samuha
  • Naya bazaar youth club
  • Recovering nepal
  • New vision
  • Saarathi nepal
  • Community support group
  • The recovering group
  • Saathi samuha
  • Union C
  • National user network of nepal
  • Richmond fellowship nepal
  • Kaski mother group
  • Namuna
  • Ashal chimeki