Day of Action 2018

City: Zavala

Organisations: MATRAM-Mozambique Treatment Access Movement

MATRAM seeks to address low coverage of routine viral load test for people living with HIV within the point of care especially in the rural áreas where most of the population live, MATRAM will bring together people living with HIV, caregivers, clinicians and health authorities to a wider debate and issue an statement for the occasion.


City: Maputo City

Organisations: UNIDOS – Rede Nacional Sobre Drogas & HIV

UNIDOS intends to hold on June 26, 2018 an open campaign involving decision-makers from the central government to engage them to establish drug policies based on health and human rights, this will be carried out in one of the neighbourhoods in Maputo greatly frequented by PWID. The activities of the campaign will start on June 22 and end on June 26, 2018. These activities will include thematic debate with groups of people who use drugs and government representatives. There will also be sports and cultural activities in the community during the week while we discuss issues of human rights, humane treatment of people who use drug as well as access to universal treatment of HIV/ TB and viral hepatitis. Meetings will be held with neighbourhood structures as well as the central government to reflect on institutionalisation of humanised Drug Policies.


Day of Action 2017

In Maputo, a wide spectrum of organisations took park in the 2017 Day of Action. UNIDOS, and supported by the Ministry of Health, local psychiatric services, Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), and community leaders, coordinated activities around HIV and SDP’s core campaign messages. A march with over 150 participants walked through Mafalala township with SDP banners, followed by a public lecture series from health professionals, discussing HIV and the sensitive mental health issues that surround drug use. A Support Don’t Punish football match was then played, which raised interest from the local community and then MSF offered HIV and hepatitis testing for which there was high demand from community members.

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