Day of Action 2018

City: Aguascalientes
Organisations: Estudiantes por una Política Sensata de Drogas

Members of SSDP were photographed in some sites of the Historic Centre of Aguascalientes (the Legislative Palace, Government Palace, Plaza de Armas) with “Support, Do not punish” posters.
Alejandro Morán Contreras and Eduardo Moreno Zamora (members of SSPD) participated in the “Ser Lumen” program on Radio UAA 94.5 FM to promote the Global Day of Action and generate awareness of the human rights and public health damage caused by the war on drugs. Alejandra García de Loera, Liliana García de Loera, and Humberto Gutiérrez Cantú gave an interview with La Jornada, Aguascalientes (a local newspaper) on the day of global action and the failure of the war on drugs to reduce violence and the multiple human rights violations that occur daily in Mexico. On Thursday, Alejandro Morán Contreras (SSPD member) presented on harm reduction in order to generate awareness in health personnel about the reduction of risks and damages as another form of treatment for  users of psychoactive substances. The neurobiology of addiction and the premises that support the harm reduction model were addressed. Luis Fernando García Brand (SSDP member) gave a radio interview and Humberto Gutiérrez Cantú provided a televised newscast about the message of Support. Don’t Punish and changes in drug policy.
On Friday, SEJUVE (Secretariat of Youth) of the State of Aguascalientes  presented on harm reduction to the general public and there were additional lecutres given along with the showing of the film “El Jardín de la Alegría” and a raffle for participants.

Media Coverage:
“Se Conmemora el día mundial del Apoye No Castigue en Aguascalientes.” June 27, 2018. http://www.lja.mx/2018/06/se-conmemora-el-dia-mundial-del-apoye-no-castigue-en-aguascalientes/.



Day of Action 2017

In Mexico City, ReveredeSer held panel discussions centred around two questions: “What are the risks and damages generated by prohibition and the war on the drugs?” and “How does the war on drugs impact our communities? How do we build a community in the face of the war on drugs?” Discussions were wide ranging – including topics such as stigma, human rights, women and incarceration, and harm reduction.

In addition, two articles were published in VICE, one on the societal harms of the war on drugs, and the other on Mexican harm reduction initiatives.

Media Coverage:

Vice, 20 June 2017: ¿Qué falta para tener mariguana medicinal en México?

Vice, 22 June 2017: Regular todas las sustancias psicoactivas: una propuesta racional

Vice, 28 June 2017: La guerra contra las drogas afecta más a la sociedad que las drogas mismas.

Vice, 24 June 2017: Cómo reducir los daños asociados al consumo de drogas en México

Animal Politico, 26 June 2017: Apoye, no castigue. Enfoques sobre las drogas

Capitalino Errante, 26 June 2017: Contra la discriminación a los usuarios de drogas: Apoye. No castigue.

La Dosis, 28 June 2017: Apoye, No Castigue


Day of Action 2016

A broad coalition of organisations (including CUPIHD, Equis Justicia, Espolea, the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights, Mexico United against Crime, ReverdeSer Collective, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy Mexico) and individuals organised activities in Mexico City at the Estela de Paz to raise awareness of the harms of repressive drug policies, human rights violations resulting from the drug war, and to discuss recommendations for peace.

Video of the event


Day of Action 2014

Colleagues at Espolea organised a public event in Mexico City, which included an exclusive screening of the movie “The House I Live In”, presentations and an interactive discussion.

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Day of Action 2014

Colleagues at Espolea organised a public event in Mexico City, which included an exclusive screening of the movie “The House I Live In”, presentations and an interactive discussion.

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Day of Action 2013

“Support. Don’ Punish” Day of Action was organised by Espolea in Mexico City. As they did not get the permission to demonstrate on any symbolic location of the capital, they organised a small gathering and created a series of videos related to the Day of Action.

Espolea also conducted several interviews with public radios, calling on the Mexican government to open the debate on drug policy reform.

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