Day of Action 2018

City: Port-Louis

Organisations: Collectif Urgence Toxida

Production of a video and photo series on field workers and why they believe in “Support. Don’t Punish”. Also, 3 public talks under the banner “Support. Don’t Punish: Let’s talk about drugs”. The first will focus on the war on drugs internationally and locally, the second one on NPS and the third one will take the shape of a round table with major political parties to allow them to explain their vision on drug policies (particularly as elections are scheduled for next year).


Day of Action 2017

On 22-23rd June CUT organised a two-day workshop, attended by 27 participants including PWUD, to discuss drug policy reform, harm reduction, and the formation of a PWUD network.

For the Day of Action itself, CUT held a silent and peaceful protest on the 29th June right in front of parliament in Port Louis to remind our political leaders that repression alone will cause more harm than good. CUT expressed the need for a clear distinction between consumers and traffickers, thus the money wasted on imprisonment could be directed towards proven health measures such as prevention, treatment and harm reduction.

Read the extensive report on the workshop and Day of Action here


Media Coverage:

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ION News, 22 June 2017 : Drogue: Le Conseil des religions s’engage dans la prévention

ION News, 29 June 2017: Le Collectif Urgence Toxida réclame une distinction légale entre usagers et trafiquants

DefiMedia, 23 June 2017: Atelier de formation – Drogue : les religieux s’engagent

DefiMedia, 2 July 2017: Drogue : comprendre la dépendance pour une meilleure réponse

Inside News, 19 July 2017: Nous savons tous que les drogues, dures surtout, tuent. Et pourtant, se faire emporter par la drogue, ça peut vous coûter un bras.


5 years on: Support don’t Punish in Mauritius

By Collective Urgence Toxida (CUT)

It has been 5 years CUT and various partners such as AILES, PILS, LEAD, CARES, PARAPLI ROUZ, KINOUETE, Idrice Goomany Centre, LAKAZ A, SIDATAK, CAEC started the Support don’t Punish campaign in Mauritius. Sadly, not much has changed, because within the ranks of the government people are still clinging to the idea that the War on Drugs is the only means to tackle problematic drug use. However, we haven’t given up and we won’t give up. This year the Support don’t Punish campaign gained the support of religious leaders, and together with the council of religions a common paper will be drafted and given to the prime minister.


CUT has strategically spread Support don’t Punish activities over several months, as currently the country is facing too many problems, and we didn’t want our message ignored by the media and public at large. A mass media campaign focusing on drug policies will begin in July, so be sure to watch out for short videos online and alerts in the written press.

For the day of action 2017, we held a silent and peaceful protest on the 29th of June right in front of parliament to remind our political leaders that repression alone, will cause more harm than good. We need a clear distinction between consumers and traffickers, thus the money wasted on imprisonment could be directed towards health measures such as prevention, treatment and harm reduction which have proven to work.

You can find pictures of the various events held on our 
facebook page. 


Day of Action 2016

Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT) planned a series of activities all over the island, as part of this year’s global day of action.

On 17th June, CUT staff participated in a sensitisation campaign at the Bagatelle Shopping Mall, Flacq Coeurdeville Super U and Grand-Baie Coeurdeville Super U. Over 300 people, including doctors and police officers were able to hear about the harms caused by the criminalisation of people who use drugs.

On 20th June, local partners gathered for a day-long sensitisation event at the Mahebourg Waterfront to talk to the public about drugs, people who use drugs, harm reduction and the objectives of the Support. Don’t Punish campaign. The stand attracted some 200 people.

The main SDP event was held on 24th June, during the workshop – “Drugs over Lunch”. The targets for the workshop were members of parliament, political leaders, community leaders, people who use drugs, university members, the Ministry of Health, the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit and various NGO partners.

On 26th June, CUT hosted an event at Batterie Cassee, one of the main needle exchange sides operated by CUT. The public was invited to take a photo with the SDP logo. A CUT caravan also carried out rapid testing for the public, in collaboration with the MoHQL.

Finally, CUT, in collaboration with the Centre for Alternative Research and Studies (CARES), Prevention Information Lutte contre le SIDA (PILS) and the Nursing Union organised a one-day workshop on drug policies at the Rajiv Ghandi Science Centre, Bel Village, with the participation of 269 people.

For a more comprehensive account of activities in Mauritius, please read the full report.

Media coverage


Day of Action 2015

Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT) organised a musical gathering with local artists and activists in Rose Hill, with talks on drug policies as well as outreach to the media, and CUT and PILS submitted two position papers to MPs. For more information about the action, please visit the CUT website.

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Day of Action 2013

In Mauritius, the “Support. Don’t Punish” Day of Action was coordinated by Prévention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS) and Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT), which held a press conference to raise awareness on the importance of providing harm reduction measures and decriminalising drug use to tackle the HIV epidemic. PILS and CUT also organised a gathering of about 80 people wearing “Support. Don’t Punish” T-shirts in support of the campaign, to take pictures and create a video.

The Day of Action reached a large audience through intense social media activity and attracted the attention of the media.

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