Day of Action 2018

Cities: Bamako, Sikasso, Koutiala
Organisations: Réseau Osons Parler de la Drogue au Mali (OPDM) et Association Kénédougou Solidarité, Kénédougou Solidarité, ORFED, DANAYO, ARCAD/SIDA, AMDH, ISPRIC, Association des consommateurs de drogues, IRCP, RDDM, Réseau National des Populatios Clés, CAPDH, AJCOST, les médias

There was a day of reflection with civil society organisations working on drug issues to advocate for a better drug policy in Mali. There was also a press conference with the media on the problem of drugs in Mali. Personalities taped messages on drug use.


Day of Action 2016

An all-day event was held in Sikasso under the title “Dare to speak of drugs in Mali”, including presentations, a football game, photos, awards and a conference debate on the current drug policy failures.


Day of Action 2015

In Bamako, ORFED organised a drug policy debate in collaboration with the local magistrate.