Day of Action 2018

City: Podgorica
Organisations: NGO Juventas, Montenegrin Harm Reduction Network LINK, NGO 4Life

On the 22nd of June, NGO Juventas and NGO 4Life, announced the campaign by photographing in front of the city assembly with transparency, symptomatic because it is the home of those who make decisions in this country. On this occasion, press releases were given.

On the 26th of June 2018, NGO Juventas, along with Montenegrin Harm Reduction Network, marked the campaign night in Podgorica, at the venue “Koncept Art Space” in capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. The public tribune was held and people speaking were members of NGO Link, a coordinator of Harm reduction program for PWID/SW from NGO Juventas Marija Milić and a psychologist from the Institute of Public Health, Tatijana Đurišić Mandić. The tribune targeted youth and NPS, as well as the parents and public in general. The tribune was very productive as every person present were involved in the discussion, giving the facilitators excellent input for the future planning of activities with the youth.

After the tribune, a documentary movie about harm reduction in Montenegro was played for the first time in public, as well as documentaries from region, all filmed by drug reporters from Hungary. The venue where the event was held is near the Government building, and big “support don’t punish” signs were placed on venue’s window to draw attention.

June 27, the last activity was held and included setting up an information stand at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro.

The night of the campaign was preceded by the opening of Facebook page “Support. Don’t Punish. Mne”, organisation of the venue, the engagement of photographers for the production of photographs for labels, posters and programs for the campaign, printing of prepared material, engagement of participants, and refreshments and transportation.

Media Coverage:
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“Milić: Korisnici droga ne smiju biti kriminalizovani već partnerski uključeni u programe.” June 27, 2018.
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“Osobe koje koriste droge ne treba kriminalizovati.” June 22, 2018.