Day of Action 2018

Cities: Chisinau and Baltsi
Organisations: Community of PWUD, League of people with HIV, MSM, Harm Reduction organisations

The group met near the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The aim of the action was to draw the attention of the decision-makers and the general public to putting an end to the punitive policy on drugs, which today affects the deterioration of the overall indicators of health, socio-economic development and human rights in Moldova, and is one of the main barriers to services for HIV prevention. The group called on the Parliament and the Government to work to remove political, legislative and ideological barriers to ensuring the right to health and other human rights for drug users, national association of the community of drug users, people living with HIV and other key group and organisations. The issue will now be considered in the Parliament.

Media Coverage:
“Необычная акция прошла у стен бельцкой примарии.” July 2, 2018. http://esp.md/sobytiya/2018/07/02/neobychnaya-akciya-proshla-u-sten-belckoy-primarii.


Day of Action 2017

Under the slogans: “Drug users need support and treatment!” and “Drug users have the same rights as other citizens”, actions were organised in Unders, Ungheni, Dondyushany, Chisinau, Falesti, and Bălți. The actions aimed to engage police officers, healthcare workers, representatives of the local public administration and religious leaders. In each city, the community held events in public places to inform about discrimination and its consequences.

A live TV program “Face to Face” was organized on local television. Participating in the broadcast were representatives of the police commissariat, the city’s drug chief, NGOs and the LUN community, and representatives of the local public authority.

In Tiraspol, peers and activists held a public debate in the format of a public talk on the issue of alternatives to imprisonment; with the participation of peers, health officials and civil society organisations.