Day of Action 2018

City: Vilnius
Organisations: Young Wave, Resetas

As planned, on June 26th 2018 NGO Young Wave organised “Breaking the Taboo” film screening. The screening took place in the bar “Platforms” – a popular gathering place for young people. About 50 people gathered in the movie. After the screening, there was a discussion with pre-invited participants as followed: 2 politicians (members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania: A. Armonaitė and A. Maldeikienė), a judge of the Supreme Court of Lithuania (A. Gutauskas) and a representative of Young Wave (A. Petuškaitė). The discussion topics were: War on drugs, drug policy in Lithuania and abroad, changes needed and future visions for drug policy in Lithuania. One of the topics of the discussion was the education of influential people (politicians, lawyers, famous people) and the drug policy implemented in Lithuania and its consequences and how can NGO’s reach out more stakeholders.
There was also a video statement created by a collaborator for three organizations: Young Wave, Reset, and Initiative Group of Methadone Program Participants. The topic of the video statement was OST provision in Lithuanian prisons. The video statement referred to human rights violations and non-correspondence to WHO recommendations of newly adopted order of OST treatment in prison settings. The video statement was sent together with a press release to media channels, as well as to Lithuanian Health Ministry, Ministry of Justice and the Prison Department. The community was involved in sending slogans and statements to the ministries. In parallel, a peaceful demonstration was held at the prisons department.


Day of Action 2017

In Kaunas, RIGRA, together with members of the community of people who use drugs from all over Lithuania (Klaipeda, Gargždai, Kaunas, Vilnius and Alytus), took to the streets of the city to publicly protests the brutal and meaningless state policy against drugs and people who use drugs. Passers-by were given leaflets and engaged in discussion about drug policy in the country.