Day of Action 2017

In Phnom Penh, KHANA, supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Harm Reduction Asia, organised a policy conference between national and international policymakers, harm reduction service providers, and PWUD. Discussions focused around research findings on gaps in policy, policy implementation, and progress of community based treatment and social programmes.  There was an active and positive discussion with stakeholders sharing challenges, concerns and responses.

Read the full report here and see the agenda here

Media Coverage:

Khmer Times, 30 June 2017: Claims users denied rehab: NGO


Day of Action 2016

KHANA convened a dialogue in Phnom Penh, bringing together policy makers, the National AIDS Authority, police, UN agencies, human rights NGOs, harm reduction service providers and the community of people who use drugs, etc. to call for harm reduction, evidence-based treatment, and other social services for people who use drugs in Cambodia.


Day of Action 2015

Working in collaboration with the Cambodian Network of Drug Users and other NGOs, Korsang organised a public gathering in Phnom Penh including the media, health service providers, policy makers, law enforcement officials and the community to discuss reducing stigma and decriminalising drug use, as well as promoting harm reduction and evidence-based treatment.

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Day of Action 2014

As part of their ongoing advocacy work (including through the Asia Action on Harm Reduction project), KHANA worked with their partners and supported local networks of people who use drugs to participate in the campaign. They held events to raise awareness of the issues among the community, policy makers and the police. The campaign was used to highlight the important role that the police and local authorities have in providing access to harm reduction services and other health services.