Day of Action 2013

India HIV/AIDS Alliance joined the global advocacy campaign Support. Don’t Punish with solidarity actions in Yamuna Bazaar and Jahangirpuri (areas with high density of people who inject drugs) in Delhi in collaboration with Indian Drugs Users Forum (IDUF).

The Day of Action called on governments to put an end to an expensive ‘war on drugs’ that is fuelling HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis epidemics,causing human rights violations and failing to tackle the world’s drug problem. It highlighted that current levels of investment are not enough to fill the gap as there is an emerging need for additional services in the harm reduction package. International donors, UN agencies and governments need to increase funding and direct resources to ensure targeted services for harm reduction and HIV programmes for people who use drugs such as overdose management, hepatitis and explore scale up of opioid substitution therapy (OST) services with methadone.

Also across number of cities in India such as Chennai, Imphal, Longleng and Meghalaya, community-based groups of people who use drugs, like MDUF, organised events in support of the campaign.

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