Day of Action 2017

The Greek NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances coordinated actions in Athens this year. A press conference was held, followed by a street event to spread the campaign messages to members of the public. Before the Day of Action itself, representatives of the NGO platform aimed to take photos of high-ranking officials within Greek drug control as well as journalists and scientists with the SDP logo to spread the campaign’s reach.

Media Coverage:

EFSYN, 29 June 2017: Οι χρήστες θέλουν στήριξη, όχι τιμωρία


Day of Action 2015

DiogenisPraksis and the Greek Drug and Substitute Users Union created a video spot with mainly drug users and some NGO professionals holding the Support. Don’t Punish logo. The video spot was promoted to the media, social networks, websites and blogs and wherever possible. At European level, the Support. Don’t Punish message was embedded in the Room for Change campaign (supported by seven more European countries), and presented at a conference that took place in Airotel Stratos Vassilikos Hotel, with a broadcast of the video spot and a film focused on Athens after the closure of the Greek drug consumption room, a series of presentations and the signing of an urgent petition. The final action of the day was a short street work with discussions, distribution of flyers and injecting material in an Athens evening drug scene. These events were the result of close collaboration between the Greek Drug & Substitute Users Union and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union.

Video clip

Documentary launched on 26 June