Day of Action 2018

City: Thessaloniki

Organisations: The Greek NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances

A statement by the office of the Mayor of Thessaloniki in support of the campaign, harm reduction and drug policy reform is being discussed.





City: Athens

Organisations: “Centre for Life for the support of people living with HIV/AIDS”, “DIOGENIS Drug Policy Dialogue”, “PeNUPS-Peer Network of Users of Psychoactive Substances”, “POSITIVE VOICE-Association of people living with HIV in Greece”, “PRAKSIS”, “PROMETHEUS- Hellenic Liver Patient Association”, and “STEPS”.


This year in Greece, 7 different civil society organisations – that constitute the Greek NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substance, an unofficial initiative for joint action among organizations working in the area of drug policy and psychoactive substances – joined forces and cooperated in order to effectively spread the message of the campaign, sensitise the public, raise awareness regarding the harms being caused by the criminalization of people who use drugs and promote the need for human rights and public health oriented drug policy and drug law reform.

These organisations co-organised a joint event, an open dialogue meeting entitled: “Support. Don’t Punish” – Discussing for matters that matter to us. The event took place on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at 7 pm, at the Athens Municipal Cellular Marke. The aim of the dialogue was to discuss regarding: current public health and drug policies applied in addressing the issue of psychoactive substances, the way users are being treated by the state and society, the issue of combating crime that accompanies drug use by law enforcement and finally the removal of unjustified social stereotypes at the expense of PWUD, the importance for the provision of substantial support, as well as the need for equal, meaningful and substantial participation of users community in procedures totally concerning them.

This year the participation at the event exceeded our expectations. More than 80 people from different backgrounds (e.g. scientists, professionals working in the field of drugs, representative from the Ministry of Health, people from the community of PWUD, volunteers from different organisations, activists, representatives from residents’ initiative, people with no prior involvement from the general population, etc.) were present at our event, who actively participated in the discussion by sharing their reflections, raising questions and contributing from their point of view. At the end of the event, following an online vote among members of the Network a symbolic prize (an office compass) was awarded at the OKANA Substitution Unit which according to Peers’ view provides the most friendly and integrated services to PWUD.

The press release for the event was published by many different online media sites. Moreover, ERT – Greek public state television – expressed the interest to present our event. Mr Christos Anastasiou, Μr Thanos Papagianopoulos and Mr. Marios Atzemis – all representatives of the community of PWUD – were hosted by the journalist Mr. Arvanitis Kostas at his broadcast entitled “Different Dimension” and talked about the campaign, promoted the message that PWUD need support instead of punishment, underlined the need for active involvement of PWUD in the decision making processes and the need to address stigma and marginalisation.


Day of Action 2017

The Greek NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances coordinated actions in Athens this year. A press conference was held, followed by a street event to spread the campaign messages to members of the public. Before the Day of Action itself, representatives of the NGO platform aimed to take photos of high-ranking officials within Greek drug control as well as journalists and scientists with the SDP logo to spread the campaign’s reach.

Media Coverage:

EFSYN, 29 June 2017: Οι χρήστες θέλουν στήριξη, όχι τιμωρία


Day of Action 2015

DiogenisPraksis and the Greek Drug and Substitute Users Union created a video spot with mainly drug users and some NGO professionals holding the Support. Don’t Punish logo. The video spot was promoted to the media, social networks, websites and blogs and wherever possible. At European level, the Support. Don’t Punish message was embedded in the Room for Change campaign (supported by seven more European countries), and presented at a conference that took place in Airotel Stratos Vassilikos Hotel, with a broadcast of the video spot and a film focused on Athens after the closure of the Greek drug consumption room, a series of presentations and the signing of an urgent petition. The final action of the day was a short street work with discussions, distribution of flyers and injecting material in an Athens evening drug scene. These events were the result of close collaboration between the Greek Drug & Substitute Users Union and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union.

Video clip

Documentary launched on 26 June