Day of Action

City: Kerewan
Organisations: SSDP Gambia Chapter, RAID The Gambia

Student for Sensible Drug policy (SSDP) Gambia chapter through the support from the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) in collaboration/ partnership with African Network for Information and Action against Drug (RAID-THE GAMBIA) and National Drug Law Enforcement agency (DLEAG) commemorate the global day of Action at North Bank Region, NBR on August 9, 2018.

Delays in funding meant the Day of Action celebrations took place later than expected. An event was organised in the North Bank Region to seek public opinion, political and community support for drug policy reform in the Gambia.

The celebration brought together over 65 participants ranging from youth organisations and regional youth coordinators, students, members of civil society organisations, politicians, and security institutions such as Police, Immigration, narcotic officer, state intelligent service and media.

Global day of Action 2018 Report- Gambia