Day of Action 2017

On 24th June, activists took the streets of Accra to demand a new drug control strategy focused on harm reduction and to say that drugs are not a criminal issue, but a public health issue. Furthermore, members of the West Africa Drug Policy Network, IDPC and WACSI participated in some media activities.


Day of Action 2016

In Accra, a walk was organised with key stakeholders and celebrities, while activists reached out to the media to discuss drug policy reform in Ghana. The Ghana Chapter of the West Africa Drug Policy Network, in collaboration with the Narcotic Control Board organised a week-long educational campaign in Ho. It climaxed with a Durbar on the Support. Don’t Punish Day of Action, which attracted chiefs, religious leaders, security officers, the MCE, members of the Narcotics Control Board, health workers, medical students and students in the Ho municipality.

Media coverage