Day of Action 2016

A massive action was organised on 26th June against repressive drug policies in front of the Parliament building in Tbilisi, with the slogan “I am a drug user, not a criminal”. The Georgian Network of People Who Use Drugs (GENPUD) also produced 50 social media videos for Facebook.

Videos of the event

Georgia day of action 2016 a

Georgia day of action 2016 b


Day of Action 2015

The NGO New Vector and the Georgian Network of People Who Use Drugs (GeNPUD) coordinated protests in front of drug testing facilities in Tbilisi, Rustavi, Gori, Kotaisi, Ozurgeti and Batumi to raise awareness about the harms related with drug testing campaigns.

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Day of Action 2014

On June 26th, the Georgian Network of People Using Drugs (GeNPUD) held protest rally in front of the parliament of Georgia. The protest rally was executed in frames of the advocacy campaign “My Repression-Your Regress”. The main message of the rally was as followed: Legislation Kills! Support Don’t Punish. In the framework of the action, a petition, signed by 60,000 citizens and underlining the failures and consequences of Georgia’s zero tolerance drug policy, was sent to the Chairperson of the Parliament. For more information, please read a report of the event.

Media coverage:


Day of Action 2014

In Georgia, a protest was organised in front of the Parliament in Tbilisi. Additional activities including raising awareness among the public about the campaign, and media outreach.



Day of Action 2013


Medecins du Monde (MdM), working with local partners NGO New Vector and Hepa+, held a demonstration in Tbilisi – gathering in front of the University and walking into the centre of the capital.

Participants wore the Support Don’t Punish t-shirts, and disseminated leaflets and statements in Georgian. Journalists and photographers attended as well to hear the key advocacy messages being delivered, and representatives from MdM and Hepa+ also appeared on local TVstations.

Lead organisation: Medecins du Monde