Day of Action 2018

City: Cayenne

Organisations: AGRRR

30 June: We aim to organise a quiz on drug policies, harm reduction and the history of drugs at the Place des Amandiers. After the quiz event, which will feature music and where campaign goodies will be offered, we will screen films and videos on the subjet. Moreover, we will have a harm reduction stand to engage passers-by and make photos. There will be a training for volunteers and employees of the local Médecins du Monde branch on drug policy and harm reduction (19June).

MdM Guyana Mission co-organised with the Guyana Association for Risk Reduction (AGRRR) an event which took place in Cayenne Place des Amandiers. In the programme:

  • first a small training module on “Drug Policies” for volunteers and employees of the mission.
  • the, on the 30th of June, stand of Rdr and exhibition on the war on drugs, Quizz, tasting and projections!

Team quiz with prizes to win:

1st prize: a spray and a wooden medal from Guyana
2nd prize: an iconography book on drugs and a wooden medal from Guyana
3rd prize: a subscription to ASUD magazine and a wooden medal from Guyana
Quiz Theme: Drug Policy, Prohibition-Legislation/ RDR / History and Geography of drugs. . .
Goodies offered to all registrants ( t-shirts, stickers, badges. . . . )
  • Collective tasting of the victory cake
  • Projections of films and videos (drug policy, impacts and consequences)
  • RFR booth + exhibition on the misdeeds of prohibition