Day of Action 2017

France, as in previous years, organised a huge number of actions across the country. Here is a brief summary of what went on!

In Angoulême, AIDES Charente organised an action around the Millesime Festival and engaged the public on repressive drug policies and encourage support for PWUD. In Paris, Le Spot Beaumarchais created a ‘Drug Store’, a shop selling fake drugs, encouraging people to think about the areas of prevention, harm reduction and to listen to PWUD. In La Rochelle, people gathered to discuss and visualise problems faced by PWUD on a daily basis. In Limousin, Aides Limousin activists gathered to draw attention to the damage and harms caused by the war on drugs. In Nantes, SDP supporters and members of Aides en Loire-Atlantique informed members of the public about the harms of prohibition and discussed ways to help PWUD. In Montpellier and Nîmes, members of AIDES Languedoc-Roussillon gathered for a demonstration on the steps of the courthouse to demand better standards of living for drug users. In Toulon, Aides Toulon discussed the importance of public health focused drug policies to combat HIV and hepatatis C. In Pau, Aides Béarn – 64 walked the streets to challenge passers-by on their views on the war on drugs and get their thoughts on the SDP messages. In Toulouse, Aides Midi-Pyrénées situated themselves in the middle of the Pace du Capitole to talk to locals about the SDP themes and advocate for more support and less punishment of PWUD.

Media Coverage:

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