Day of Action 2016

In France, 18 NGOs including Chanvre & Libertés, AIDES, Korzéame, Médecins du Monde, Act-Up Sud-Ouest, CAARUD Intermède, TarnEspoir, EPICE82, Grisélidis, AFR, Fédération Addiction, etc., collaborated to organise a series of events across the country.

  • In Paris, from 24th to 26th June, an NGO village was set up at the techno festival Solidays. The campaign was also featured at the celebration of the 20 years of the association Techno+. Finally, on 25th June, activists participated in the interactive photo project by gathering at Place de la République.
  • In Marseille, events included speeches, a roundtable, outreach to the media and an exhibition of pictures taken in areas where people who use drugs are sanctioned. A podcast of the event is available here.
  • In Brest, a Support. Don’t Punish stand was held at the techno party ‘Astral Expedisound’ on 25th and 26th June.
  • In Beziers on 26th June, a sensitisation campaign was organised by AIDES, along with participation in the campaign’s photo project.
  • In Lille, people gathered to participate in the campaign’s photo project on 25th June.
  • In Nice the day of Action was held at the ‘Fête du Château’ on 25th June, followed by a gathering to take part in the photo project on 26th June on the Promenade des Anglais.
  • In Rennes a Support. Don’t Punish stand was held at the techno festival ‘Infamous Armada’ on 25th June, along with the projection of a documentary on the history of prohibition on 5th July which was followed by a debate on drug policy reform.
  • In Toulouse, a conference was organised on 23rd June to debate the 1970 Law, followed by an NGO village and a march on 25th June.
  • In Nancy on 24th and 27th June participants were invited to a projection of short films and a debate on harm reduction and decriminalisation.
  • In Nantes a Support. Don’t Punish NGO village was organised on 25th June for people to participate in the campaign’s photo project and access information around the campaign and the need for drug policy reform.
  • In Pau, a Support. Don’t Punish stand offered public awareness raising activities to participants. Similar activities were held in Nimes, and Besancon.
  • In Angers, staff if the CAARUDs of the Pays de la Loire gathered to take a photo in order to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.

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Day of Action 2015

At the occasion of the Global Day of Action, a series of actions were held across France: the Association Française de Réduction des Risques held a picnic for peace on the Champ de Mars in Paris; Bus 31/32 gathered activists on Marseilles’ Vieux Port; in Montpellier, activists met in front of the Tribunal de Grande Instance; in Nantes, activists gathered in front of the Palais de Justice; in Lille, a gathering was held at the Place de la Republique; in Toulouse forums took place on 26th June at “l’Espace des diversités et de la laïcité”, and on 27th June at “Place Wilson”, gathering experts, lawyers, visitors from Portugal, Spain etc. In Rennes, Orange Bleue organised a gathering on Place des Lices with photos, stands, a picnic and other activities. And finally, in Tours a gathering and solidarity picnic was held at La Place J. Jaures and the courthouse.

Video clips in Toulouse:

Video Clip on Solidays Festival:

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Day of Action 2014

AFR coordinated actions in four cities across France. In Paris, activists gathered near the Hotel du Nord for photos, while in Marseilles they gathered at the Old Port. At the same time, Chanvre et Libertés held events in  Toulouse and Metz in collaboration with AIDESACT UP and the Case de Santé (an autonomous health centre), with information stands to promote the campaign.

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Day of Action 2013

Video of the Support. Don’t Punish Global Day of Action

In France, the “Support. Don’t Punish” Day of Action was coordinated by the Association Française de Réduction des Risques (AFR), Autosupport des Usagers de Drogues (ASUD) and AIDES, with the support of Fédération Addiction. More than 100 people gathered at the Trocadero Square, in front the emblematic Eiffel Tower. They wore the symbolic Richard Nixon masks to demonstrate against the war on drugs. Key spokespeople also reached out to the media and gave interviews on Radio France International and Le Monde.

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