Day of Action 2018

City: Cairo


People will visit tourist areas in Cairo, Giza(Cairo Tower, Opera house, Pyramids area, Kasr El Nile bridge) take photos and record video sections (using campaign logos and t-shirts Support Don’t Punish). There will be a seminar to raise awareness about Harm Reduction, drug users’ rights, and related issues in collaboration with El Salaam center for youth and women at Ezbet El Nakel area , Cairo, Egypt. There will also be a social media campaign on Facebook , press release, and an article for local news papers and sporting event football matches for youth. A media report will be released after.




City: Giza
Organisations: My Health from my Environment Organization and Fund for the Combating and Treatment of Addiction.

  • The campaign targeted (250) young university students of both sexes
  • They were sensitized to the campaign’s goal of combating the criminalization of drug users
  • A bicycle marathon  was set up with the youth, which is part of their solidarity with the slogan of the campaign and consider the drug user a sick person and not a criminal.
  • Youth today concluded a play entitled (support and not punish).


Day of Action 2017

In Cairo, the Egyptian Foundation for Development and Human Rights organized a scientific symposium to raise awareness of how to ensure the health, social and legal rights of PWUD. A football match was also held to bring the community together. The Foundation also arranged visits to major tourist sites with Support Don’t Punish material, including T-shirts and logos!


Day of Action 2016

In the Minya governorate, the “Friends of Minya” organisation conducted multiple events and activities as part of the Global Day of Action, including a meeting and photo project with members of parliament, social media activities and the dissemination of awareness materials.

In addition, the Egyptian Development and Human Rights Institute (EDHR) conducted a meeting with the Drug Enforcement Administration Directorate of Cairo (DEA) and a group of young people. Followed a football game for youth.

Video of the event

Egypt day of action 2016

Media coverage


Support. Don’t Punish 2016: MENA activities

Article originally published on the MENAHRA website

In observation of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, on 26 June, the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA) coordinated the Support! Don’t Punish campaign throughout the MENA region. More than 100 countries took part in the campaign this year, 10 were from the region (Afghanistan, Bahrian, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates).

On the 26th of June, MENAHRA released animated and still infographics in both English and Arabic.

The Middle East and North Africa Network of/for People who Use Drugs (MENANPUD) have also released statements from across the MENA region.” The aim of this statement is to make the voices of the community members heard.

In Egypt, in the Minya governorate, the “Friends” organization conducted multiple events and activities for the campaign including, meeting with some members of parliament, campaign photos the Egyptian parliament, posted poster supporting the campaign, and the dissemination of awareness material.

Also in Egypt, the EGYPTIAN DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS INSTITUTE (EDHR) conducted a meeting with the Drug Enforcement Administration Directorate of Cairo (DEA) and group of young people in addition to a sport event (football game) for youth.

In Palestine, Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD) had an Iftar on the occasion for a group of beneficiaries of the center.

In Lebanon, SIDC Basketball game between two teams: ISF (police) and Beneficiaries In addition to posting posters supporting the campaign, and the dissemination of awareness material.

Also in Lebanon, Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center in partnership with Legal Agenda hosted a panel focusing on the Lebanese national drug policy.

In Morocco, a football match between doctors and beneficiaries was held in ‪‎Tetouan‬. In addition to posting posters supporting the campaign.

Various activists and decision makers from the MENA region also took part in the campaign by posting pictures and supportive messages on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.


Day of Action 2015

Friends Association in Al-Minya held a photo campaign with pharaohs featuring the Support. Don’t Punish logo and held a meeting with the local drug enforcement administration. In Cairo, “Charity Sofaraa” organised a football tournament.

On the occasion of the Global Day of Action, MENANPUD (Middle East & North Africa Network of/for People who Use Drugs) released a video to show how PWUD are stigmatised and punished in the Middle East and North Africa, and the severe negative consequences of this approach.

Media Coverage

مريض وليس مجرما.. خبراء يطالبون الدولة بزيادة عدد المصحات

العلاجية.. ويؤكدون على ضرورة تطبيق نظرية “مداواة الذات”


Day of Action 2014

The Friends Association in Minya, in collaboration with MENAHRA, organised a full programme of events on the 26th June – starting with a ‘human chain’ of activists stretching from the Minya Governorate Building (Mouhafazat Al Minya) to a touristic resort called Horos. There were traditional dance displays and a wide range of awareness-raising activities, followed by a boat procession on the River Nile. The day ended with a debate forum being held for the NGOs and other stakeholders involved.