Day of Action 2018

City: Santo Domingo
Organisations: Centro de Orientación e Investigación Integral – COIN, Fundación INDARTE

The group met in a public park with different groups including LGBT and PQUD. There was a photo exhibition in collaboration with the Project “Foto Voz” of Sindemia, in which the same people who use psychoactive substances, in this case, heroin users, came out with disposable cameras to portray the reality of their lives as people socially who are marginalised, and what they captured was the harsh reality, which affected the audience and sensitised them. There was also an information stand where the group distributed sheets, stickers, and buttons related to the SDP campaign in order to raise awareness for the day. Finally, there was artistic presentation by the group “Sonido de Capotillo”, which are a group of young people who play percussion with unconventional instruments (water bottles, car rings, cauldrons, garbage tanks, buckets, etc.). Their performance brightened the day.

Media Coverage: 
“El COIN realiza actividad como parte de la campaña “Apoya no Castigue” que promoueve políticas de drogs que priorizan la salud pública y los derechos humanos de los usuarios.” June 27, 2018. https://reddenoticias.online/el-coin-realiza-actividad/.