Day of Action 2017

In Copenhagen, the Danish Drug Users Union organised a gathering outside their new premises. In Odense, a “Users Bazaar” was organised in a public park, with organisations working with homeless people, people who use drugs, drop-in centres, street lawyers, etc.


Day of Action 2015

Gadejuristen (the Street Lawyers) organised a gathering at the office of the Danish Drug Users Union in Copenhagen. Amnesty International Denmark joined in with a speech on the war on drugs. Gadejuristen also coordinated a caravan at the Danish Political Festival in Allinge (on the island of Bornholm) to promote and discuss the Support. Don’t Punish campaign.


Day of Action 2014

In Copenhagen, the Gadejuristen (Street Lawyers) and Brugerforeningen (Danish Drug Users Union) held a series of events. They started with outreach in the city’s open drug scene, distributing presents and information. In the afternoon, a public forum was held – including presentations from a mother whose son was killed by the police, and from a former policeman who resigned after announcing that he could no longer enforce drug laws because of the harms they caused.

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