Day of Action 2018

City: Prague

Organisations: SANANIM

‘There will be a small conference explaining meaning and importance of rational drug policies, Support. Don’t Punish, and harm reduction. Also continue advocating for the opening of a DCR in Prague. The group wants to share this with PWUD and also media and policy makers. Supporting creation of organisation of PWUD to be part of drug policy making. NSP would be open that day for public to show what we do and explain harm reduction ideas.





City: Prague
Organisations: Youth RISE

On 26th of June, the Youth RISE Czech team called for a public forum on the topic of drug checking that had been present in the government conversation for the past year. We decided to also use the opportunity and inform participants about Support. Don’t Punish campaign, of which the Day of Action was taking place that very day. The forum took place at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. About a hundred of people showed up and joined a vivid debate about the pros and cons related to the implementation of the service in our country. A website was created to support the event and Support. Don’t Punish was placed as a partnering organisation. The logo was placed also on social networks and printed materials (flyers). At the venue, we placed the signs on various places and right in the front of the speakers stool. So it will be visible in all videos.



Day of Action 2016

In Prague, Legalizace.cz organised a picnic on the Štvanice island, with educational, interactive activities to raise awareness of the public on harm reduction.