Day of Action 2018

City: Pereira

Organisations: Corporación Teméride

There will be a plant in public square, hydration, amplification, shirts, billboards, banners, transport, video, social networks, printed campaign.



City: Ibagué
Organisations: Cultura Civica Cannabica, ASUMMI, Secretaria de Salud, Kzablank producciones

There was an academic activity, composed of presentations of artists, and a presentation of the documentary “OUR RIGHT TO CANNABIS” followed by a conversation with the audience.


City: Dosquebradas
Organisations: Corporación Teméride

The whole month of June there was a dissemination of information through facebook and twitter along with a campaign on rights in health. Pamphlets were delivered to people and conferences were held on cultivation, production, trafficking, and consumption of opium, poppy, and heroine. There were also discussions on the local implications of the war on drugs and paraphernalia was given to PWID. There was also a call to the government through Defensoría del Pueblo of Pereira Colombia on the situation of the violation of rights of pregnant women who are homeless.






City: Bogota

Organisations: Elementa, Consultoría en Derechos and DeLiberar.

Organisations and experts will meet and discuss drug policy in Bogotá, Colombia. Taking into account the particularities of the current context, the idea is to hold a public event in some emblematic place in Bogotá that will make visible the existing challenges both in production and consumption of psychoactive substances in the face of the Peace Agreement. A big mural is also devised.

A video on the importance of the perspective of risk and damage reduction, with the collection of photos with the logo.


Day of Action 2017

A forum was organised in Medellín to build bridges between cultivators and people who use drugs. Discussing challenges related to cultivation and consumption and policy opportunities to improve the situation.


Day of Action 2016

In Bogota, on 29th June, the Observatorio de cultivos y cultivadores declarados ilícitos (OCDI) and Acción Técnica y Social organised a day of discussion focused on farmers cultivating coca, poppy and marijuana. The day included two panel discussions, the first one focusing on justice problems faced by small-scale farmers and the challenges posed by the peace process between the government and the FARC. The second panel highlighted the institutional position undertaken by Colombia and Central America around drugs. For more information, read the full report of the event (in Spanish).

Presentations delivered during the event (in Spanish)

Cristóbal Isidro Castañeda 

Javier flores

Cesar Jeréz

Zara Snap

Luz Perly Córdoba

Camilo Segura


Day of Action 2015

As part of this year’s “Semana Psicoactiva” in Bogota, Acción Técnica y Social (ATS) held an international seminar on 26th June with international and Colombian speakers to discuss drug policy reform. The Support. Don’t Punish campaign was featured at the conference.


Day of Action 2014

In Bogota, Accion Tecnica y Social (ATS) organised a conference inaugurated by the Mayor. The event was an opportunity to discuss harm reduction strategies in the country, as well as for ATS to launch their new book which reviews achievements in harm reduction in the past five years. The conference was attended by government officials, NGOs and the general population. It had an important impact in the city of Bogota.

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