Day of Action 2018

City: Yaounde, Douala


The SDP 2018 in Cameroon is characterized by a 5 days activities that will be implemented in 3 phases:

  • Phase I: To sensitize drug users on illicit drugs and drug abuse, this activity will be an out reach towards drug users in consuming areas we have localized already.
  • Phase II: A symposium that will gather national activists on harm reduction, political representatives, government representatives and medical representatives to talk about the importance of harm reduction in Cameroon and how it can start.
  • Phase III:
    1- Will gather all drug users in the network in Yaoundé, to walk peacefully and sensitize the public also on harm reduction.
    2- A reggae and jazz concert organized at the end of activities to share warm moment with participants at the SDP 2018.










Day of Action 2018

City: Douala
Organisations: Association des populations des quartiers défavorisés (Poula,Poula), ADHEFO, Association des filles femmes solidaire du littoral (AFIDYSOL), Synergie Amical des jeunes (SAG), Commission National de Droit de l’homme de la Région du Littoral (CNDHR), Association Presse Jeune et Développement (PJD), working for wellbeing (WFW) Délégation de la santé.

The ction focused on the organisation of a press conference, during which the groups advocated for decision makers to set up a program of support and assistance and not punishment of drug users. A letter was sent to the President of the Republic which contained various recommendations from civil society organisations involved with the day of action. The letter called on the head of state to take responsibility and urgently implement a program of support and assistance.
The letter was composed in three parts:
Component (1) Psychological Assistance (Ministry Social Affairs)
Component (2) Medical Assistance (Ministry of Public Health)
Component (3) Education Awareness (OSC, OBC)
Creation of a detoxification centre

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Day of Action 2017

In Yaoundé, A2C organized a march towards the Ministry of Education and the Governor’s office. This was followed by an afternoon football tournament at the Rond Point Express.  Empower Cameroon organised another march between the Central Post Office and the Ministry of Justice. They then organized a press conference, a basketball match and a live reggae concert with the involvement of local PWUD networks.

For more on A2C’s activities during the 2017 Global Day of Action, check out the report (French).