Day of Action 2018

City: Abidjan
Organisations: Lumiere du Jour, Médecins du Monde, UNICO, CONAD CI, Anonyme, Parole Autour de la Sante, Foyer du Bonheur, La Fontaine, La Releve, Espace Confiance, EFED.

Before the events, a joint press conference was organised to explain the day’s purpose and activities. A 1.5 km march from Adjamé Liberté and the Ivorian Blue Cross saw some 250 participants, including people who use drugs and civil society organisations, join in support for the campaign. At the destination, a “community village” with HIV testing facilities was set up. T-shirts and information were distributed to participants and passers-by, which facilitated engaging conversations. Two solidarity events, in the shape of family lunches, were organised under the umbrella of the NGO Espace Confiance, to encourage family ties between people who use drugs and their families. A total of eight press articles and radio shows featured the campaign.

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City: Bouaké
Organisations: Enda Santé

A workshop was organised around the subject “People who use drugs, we are human beings, we have rights”. The workshop brought together people who use drugs, community leaders, religious authorities and service providers. The workshop was structured around two presentations and a final discussion. The presentations provided an overview of the situation of people who use drugs in the country, discussing HIV and TB prevalence and the negative impacts of repressive legal frameworks. Following these presentations, people who use drugs shared their experiences of dependence and interaction with public authorities, noting how coercion and the lack of support worsened their life and health outcomes. The conversations that ensured were marked by empathy and compassion, with participants agreeing that a progressive decriminalisation of drug use is necessary, as well as the implementation of social and health policies that are supportive of people who live with dependence. The voluntary nature of treatment was underscored as the ideal to attain. Finally, conversations continued over a meal.


Day of Action 2017

In Abidjan, a press conference took place on 26th June organized by Médecins du Monde and Espace Confiance, with an opening address from the coordinating director of the National Program to Combat Tobacco, Alcoholism, Addiction and Other Addictions (NTPA). There were presentations of national drug intervention by regional specialists followed by a musical interlude by Boklay with “Gandja Man, Support Don’t Punish”. 4 videos made by local PWUD networks were screened and was attended by local press and national TV.

The message this year was “Usagers, tous citoyens. Autorités, protégez nous” (Users, all citizens. Authorities, protect us).

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RTI Officiel, 11 July 2017: Le 19 Heures de RTI


Day of Action 2016

This year, actions in Ivory Coast took place between 22nd and 26th June, with the financial and coordination support of Medecins du Monde.

On 22nd June, the NGO Croix Bleue also organised a training workshop in Abidjan on drug dependence for NGO representatives working on HIV, hepatitis, TB and drugs.

On 23rd June, the NGO Espace Confiance held a press conference at Croix Bleue with the participation of NGOs, international agencies and the Ministries of Interior and Defense. A sensitisation and care action was also offered in the Ghetto of Adjame “Washington”.

On 24th June, the Criminology Department of the University of Félix Houphouët Boigny in Abidjan organised a roundtable with experts from the Ministry of Defense, the university, international agencies and civil society (including Medecins du Monde and the testimony of a former user).

The actions culminated on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th with a march at Croix Bleue organised by the network of NGOs CONADCI (Conseil des Organisation de Lutte Anti-drogue de Côte d’Ivoire) and community village organised by the network UNICO at the Croix Bleue headquarters, which included 13 NGOs and a stand for blood donations. Finally, an official ceremony was held at the Croix Bleue with attendance from prominent policy makers including the Ministries of Health, of Home Affairs and of Defence, the mayor of Adjame, the DPSD, UNODC, people who use drugs and civil society.

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Day of Action 2015

In Ivory Coast, Foyer du Bonheur, RAIDH and Médecins du Monde organised a press conference, followed by a maracana tournament in Abidjan.