Day of Action 2018

City: Bienne
Organisations: Swiss Safe Access for Cannabinoids

Swiss Safe Access for Cannabinoids hosted a stand with information on the SDP campaign, the disaster caused by the war on drugs, information on safer use of cannabinoids and the possibility to try vaping equipment with cannabis containing less than 1% of THC (which is legal in Switzerland).


City: Geneva

Organisations: Geneva Platform on Human Rights, Health and Psychoactive Substances

There will be a public debate on drugs and drug policy as well as the launch of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) at Campus Biotech from 6-8pm.


City: Lausanne

Organisations: ABS Foundation

In Lausanne, the ABS Foundation and various organisations will organise a meeting on the Place de la Riponne, between 13h and 19h. There will be information about the campaign and harm reduction, open house for the Distributes and Macadam Service, encounters between associations, drug users and citizens, sport activities, games,  and music. Gathering for group photo around 17h45.


Day of Action 2016

In Lausanne, the ABS Foundation and the GREA collaborated with various other organisations working in the field of harm reduction in Switzerland to organise a mini market selling local fruits and vegetables; a concert of the band “A l’Ouest”; a visit of Le Passage (a low-threshold harm reduction and care centre) and La Terrasse (a low-threshold centre where drug users have access to a cafeteria where they are allowed to bring their own alcohol and where they are helped to control their alcohol use, a shower, clean clothes and a washing machine, social counselling, sterile paraphernalia, a computer and Internet, small jobs, meals, etc.). The visit was followed by a public debate focused on a supervised injection facility project in Lausanne.

In Geneva, Association Première Ligne held a projection of the movie Breaking the Taboo at Quai 9 (Geneva’s drug consumption room) and dedicated three days to inform the people using the facility about the campaign.

Finally, Aacts Foundation provided harm reduction services and advice, as well as information on the Support. Don’t punish campaign at the Festivalocal music festival in Vevey.

For a full account of the events, please read the full report.

Video released by GREA at the occasion of the Global Day of Action


Day of Action 2015

series of events were held across Switzerland. In Geneva, Première Ligne organised a gathering on the square opposite the United Nations  with cocktails and a photo project on Place des Nations. In Lausanne, Foundation ABS held an information booth in front of St Lawrence Church alongside presentations, a soup kitchen and a large gathering. In Fribourg, Fondation Le Tremplin organised a photo session in front of its premises, before a graffiti artist delivered a poster with the Support. Don’t Punish logo. Finally, Foundation Aacts organised an event on the Place du Marché in Montreux.

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Day of Action 2014

In the cities of Geneva, Fribourg and Lausanne, GREA and partners organised a series of events and awareness-raising activities on the 26th June – including group photos and information stands.