Day of Action 2018

City: Bukavu
Organisations: ALCIS, Institut Français de Bukavu

ALCIS organized a community rally to build resistance against the prevalence of hate crimes against drug users in Bukavu. As this campaign is a first in Bukavu and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in general, ALCIS has succeeded in reaching people’s minds and mobilising social actors and human rights actors for future concerted actions in favour of the rights of drug addicts. Article 2, paragraph 5 of Law No. 08/011 of July 14, 2018 on the protection of people living with HIV / AIDS has enlightened our allies on the DRC’s accountability to the national protection of users of HIV / AIDS and drug addicts.




City: Kinshasa

Organisations: Association des Guides du Congo

Sensitise the users and ex users of drugs in different sites of consumption of Kinshasa on their rights in the matter of health, social integration, work through showing them the importance of claiming and encouraging them to take the lead on all these rights mentioned above and to remain strong regardless of the obstacles encountered.





City: Goma
Organisations: Pleaders of Children and Elderly People at risk (PEPA/NGO), DRC Climate Change Network (RCCRDC)

The groups consulted with different stake holders including the police, high court magistrates, drug users, civil society and more.The Action day brought good experience and interest to learn more about the campaign and harm reduction for drug users during the press conference and the debate which brought together police officers, drug users, magistrates, local community, and media together.
Global Day of Action 2018 – Goma – Congo – PEPA



Day of Action 2017

The Association des Guides du Congo/Scoutisme Feminin (AGC) organised an event in Lemba together with local authorities. Young people participated of discussions, which focused on human rights, health, social inclusion and the impact of discrimination.

Pleaders of Children and Elderly People at risk (PEPA) organised an event on 22 September in Goma to launch the Support. Don’t Punish campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By means of ARASA’s support, PEPA actively participated in the launch. In the run-up to the launch, PEPA organised a drug policy reform commission, including magistrates, police, people who use drugs, members of parliament, lawyers and civil society. The inclusive nature of the commission allowed for a robust discussion, but it also poses challenges given diverging ideas on drug control. However, the commission proposed an amendment to the country’s drug policy to make it more suitable to the community interest, asking among other things for the decriminalisation of drug use.

Despite the political situation in Congo, the campaign launch and march brought together civil society organisations, communities, people who use drugs, partners, advocates, women, youth, etc. More than 260 people decided to march along. The politic reform proposal was submitted to the Parliament and to the office of the Governor, and PEPA expects to follow the proposal and make sure it is discussed.


Day of Action 2017

In Yaoundé, A2C organized a march towards the Ministry of Education and the Governor’s office. This was followed by an afternoon football tournament at the Rond Point Express.  Empower Cameroon organised another march between the Central Post Office and the Ministry of Justice. They then organized a press conference, a basketball match and a live reggae concert with the involvement of local PWUD networks.

For more on A2C’s activities during the 2017 Global Day of Action, check out the report (French).