Day of Action 2017

In Edmonton, there was a great show of support from MomsStopTheHarm, a local advocacy group who have lost loved ones due to the overdose epidemic. Streetworks, Edmonton’s harm reduction programme, and AAWEAR (Alberta Addicts Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly) collaborated together with support from the Support Don’t Punish campaign to put on an event with live art making, live musical performances and guest speakers.

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Round House Radio 98.3, 26 June 2017: Rally at Victory Square to change federal laws around substance use


Day of Action 2016

In Edmonton, events were held in a park, including a live mural painting and music with a local hip-hop group.

In Montreal, Activists gathered in front of the Palais de Justice to take group photos in support of the campaign.

In Ottawa, activists raised awareness on the need for a ‘good Samaritan policy’ to protect people from prosecution when they call emergency services in case of an overdose.

In Toronto on 17th June, attendees at the 2nd  National Conference on Charting the Future of Drug Policy in Canada took photos and shared their thoughts on the meaning of supporting people who use drugs and what they would like to see in terms of drug policy reform in Canada.

In Red Deer, the team of Turning Point – a local charity based in Alberta that aims at ostering healthy responses to HIV and related issues, through support, education and research – participated in the campaign’s photo project.

Video by Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policies  

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Day of Action 2015

In Ottawa, PROUD worked with other community agencies on a “Ticket Defence Day” on 25th June with lawyers and students in Minto Park, to raise awareness around the criminalisation of people who use drugs, and to speak out against the provincial Safe Streets Act. In Toronto, a gathering was held at the South Riverdale Community Health  Centre by the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy,​ the I​nternational Centre for Science in Drug Policy,​ J​ac’s Voice,​ F​ed Up,​ and t​he Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.​ Attendees listened to speakers discuss the international and local impacts of punitive drug policies, particularly on vulnerable populations, and participated in a march down Queen Street to increase awareness of “Support. Don’t Punish” to the broader community. In Montreal, AQPSUD organised a gathering  in Parc Lafontaine on Cherrier street.

Harper hates harm reduction #insite #supportdontpunish

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Annually Over 1K state executions for drug offenses #supportdontpunish #harmreduction


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Day of Action 2014

Across the capital city Ottawa,  the PROUD Project hosted a summer forum to highlight the campaign and provide materials and information. Participants were also encouraged to write their own messages on Support. Don’t Punish posters, which were then put up in neighbourhoods across Ottawa to raise awareness.

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