Day of Action 2017

In Minsk, people who use drugs and the organisation “Твой шанс” (Your chance), which works with clients of programmes of opioid substitution therapy, held a gathering in a methadone delivery venue. The action was also attended by independent activists and the NGO “Позитивное движение” (Positive Movement)


Day of Action 2015

In Belarus, the Support. Don’t Punish action took place in Minsk, on board a pleasure craft on the river Svisloch. The coordinator of the “Positive Movement” organisation, as well as representatives of the community of people who use drugs and of people who are under methadone maintenance treatment, all participated in the action. Participants held posters of the campaign, but also drafted their own batters with the following message: “Each person who uses drugs has an opportunity to speak openly about their rights and needs. Support. Don’t Punish!”.

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