Day of Action 2018

Cities: La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto
Organisations: Acción Semilla, SSDP Bolivia, Espacio Kuymi, Friedrich Ebert Bolivia, Andean Network Information (Cochabamba), Fundación Construir, Colectivo Deika (Ciudad de El Alto), Centro Integral de Salud de la Mujer

The groups raised awareness and disseminated information and materials on harm reduction, criminal justice, drug consumption, and crime, through Batucada and the Sunday Fair of Prado to promote the SDP Campagin There was also another activity entitled Conversation on Consumption and Crime which presented findings on medicinal cannabis use from medical sociology in Bolivia by Gabriela Reyes who is a specialist in criminology along with researcher Acción Semilla. There was also a presentation on microtrafficking and legislative thresholds which compared Ecuador and Bolivia by Marcelo Jurado and sociologist researcher Action Seed. There was another exhibition on criminal justice and prison overcrowding with presentations by Kathryn Ledebur on Micro Traffic and Gender (Andean Information Network – City of Cochabamba) and Susana Saavedra on penal system and prison overcrowding (Fundación Construir). Patricia Chulver (Fundación Acción Semilla) presented on the Book of Bird and Cage Stories and the event ended with a presentation by Kuymi Space on Art, Culture, and Drug policy.



Day of Action 2017

In La Paz, a film screening centred around the SDP campaign messages was organised followed by a concert by LILAH.

In Cochabamba, a group of volunteers distributed pamphlets about the campaign and raised awareness about the benefits of medicinal cannabis, as well as the state of drug policies in the country. In addition, a fantastic mural with the campaign slogan was created by a group of local artists!



Day of Action 2016

Events were held in tents in both La Paz and Cochabamba to provide information around the need for medical cannabis and on the harms of repressive drug policies. A demonstration took place at the Sunday Fair of La Paz on 26th June with cultural and artistic performances against harmful drug policies. The action in Cochabamba focused on raising awareness among the population about the objectives of the campaign, the harms caused by the prohibition-led drug policy, as well as the need to develop harm reduction and promote medical cannabis. For more information, read the reports for both La Paz and Cochabamba.

La Paz

Video of the event in La Paz


Day of Action 2014

In Bolivia, the campaign was an opportunity for Puente, Investigacion y Enlace (PIE) to discuss decriminalisation and harm reduction through workshops with national officials and the police. The action included the broadcast of a video on women incarcerated for drugs offences in Bolivia, and the distribution of flyers during the Gay Pride. PIE also reached out to the media with interviews on national TV around drug use, health and HIV. For more information, in Spanish, please read this more detailed report on the day of action.

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